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About Thangadh

Thangadh is one of the most important industrial towns that is located in the district of Surendranagar in one of the most eminent states in India, Gujarat. Thangadh is a very beautiful places and tourists from all over the country visit this place. Thangadh is located in the southwestern sides of the district of Surendranagar. The city is situated at 22.34 degrees North and 71.11 degrees East.

Demographics of Thangadh

According to the Indian Census of the year 2001, Thangadh is known to have a population of around 75,000 people. The males are known to constitute around 53 percent of the entire population while the females are known to constitute around 47 percent of the population. The average literacy rate of the town is around 59 percent which is a lot less than the national literacy rate. The national literacy rate is around 59.5 percent. Among these, around 67 percent of the males are literate, and the female literacy rate is 49 percent. In the city of Thangadh, the population that is below the age of six years is around 16 percent.

Economy of Thangadh

Thangadh is famous for many small-scale industries that are found here. The industries are mostly units that manufacture ceramic units. These units are spread across the entire city of Thangadh. A manufacturing hub of ceramic is formed by three cities which include Wankaner, Morbi, and Thangadh. This manufacturing hub has provided jobs to many people residing in and outside the city. The most important products manufactured here are the tiles, tableware, and sanitaryware.

Culture of Thangadh

Thangadh is referred to as the land of the snakes. The people of this city worship Nag Vasuki, who is considered to be a very rustic God. The temple that belongs to Vasuki is situated in close proximity with a famous pond, namely, Pritam Pond. Devotees flock to this temple during the special festival of Nag Panchami. They please the Lord with various offerings in order to get his blessings.

There was a time when Saurashtra was known as Pataas Pradesh. This place was ruled by the people who worshipped the snakes. The famous VasukiMandir is located in Than. There are a number of miniature shrines that were built in the district of Surendranagar. All of these shrines have been dedicated to Nag Vasuki, the snake God. The worshipping of the snakes started becoming more prevalent with each passing day. A number of rituals are performed to this date in honor of Nag Vasuki. The most important shrines are the VasukiBhandiyabeli and the Chandra LipyaShaparNagadka. Tarnetar is located around 10 km away from the city of Thangadh, and a fair is held here annually.

Transport of Thangadh

Thangadh is connected to different parts of the city with the help of the transportation facilities that are available here.

Rail Transport

The nearest railway station located in the city of Thangadh is the Than Railway Station.

Air Transport

The nearest airport is the SardarVallabhai International Transport.

Road Transport

One can hire private vehicles to commute to the other parts of the city or the State.

Tourism in Thangadh

There are a number of places that tourists come down to visit every year. The places are beautiful, rich in history and culture, and are very close to nature. These places include the Vasuki Temple, the Pritam Lake, the JalaramMandir, the Chamunda Mata Temple, the Swaminarayan Temple, the Vishwakarma Nu Mandir, etc. Devotees from all over the country visit this religious place to please the Lord with their offerings and seek blessings. Thangadh is undoubtedly a very religious place, and it is a must visit for the tourists who come to Gujarat.

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